First Post!

Since this is the first post (yahoo!) of my brand new blog.. I better do a little “who is Adison Evans” for those who don’t know.. Let’s start here:


…Yeah, maybe not. What a picture though. (Taken over 10 years ago during those awkward teen years..) ┬áSeriously though, I am a professional musician who has been playing the saxophone amongst other instruments since I was about that age (see braces picture above). I am a jazz musician at heart and decided to pursue performing jazz music at this place:


While at Juilliard, I fell in love with cooking. It really is so similar to jazz music.. since it is an improvised music after all. I decided to attend the French Culinary Institute in Soho part time to refine some of the techniques that I had taught myself (seeing as my family doesn’t include the best cooks in the world..sorry ma).. Anywho, I like to cook and take photos like these:




After graduating and receiving my BM in jazz performance from the Juilliard school, I decided to return to pursue my Master’s degree.. Well, let’s just say that didn’t last very long, as I got a call from this lady, wanting to give me a job:


Thanks to Mrs Carter, my world quickly got all flipped around and then I suddenly found myself playing at the Superbowl for millions of people.


Shortly after, I officially joined the Mrs Carter Band for the Mrs Carter Show World Tour (which we are in the middle of currently) so we stood through lots of rehearsals looking like this:


Thus began our world tour Serbia on April 15, 2013, playing for many many people and traveling to many places I never thought I would have the opportunity to go to.



Being in Queen Bey’s band for about 9 months now I have found new family and am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way. I wanted to start this blog to share with everyone my adventures on the road, in the kitchen, and on the stage.