Sookk and a clip of my favorite cooking show!

Looking for a great lunch spot on the upper west side, NYC? How’s starting at $7? Meet Sookk!


So here’s what you get!


Veggie soup: light and simple, filled with crunchy cabbage, carrots, and onion. Next up:


An appetizer and entree. Shown on top is the veggie dumplings and thai basil noodles (super spicy!) and below is my favorite salad (not because of iceberg lettuce but for the peanut dressing) and the spicy yaowarat noodles with mok duck! I’m a peanut lover and this dressing is so yummy, I even bought some in a togo container to take home. Some of my other favorite dishes are the massaman curry (with lotus seeds!), pad thai, and kai yud sai! Kai yud sai is an item that they have for brunch.. it’s an egg white omelette filled with minced chicken, pepper, onions, and a delicious brown sauce). Ok, ok I know it looks good so far.. especially for $7, but the best part is coming up!


One scoop of coconut ice cream with little peanut crunchies on top! That seals the deal for me. For this one, they must have my favorite chef back in the kitchen:

coconurt ice cream anyone? 🙂 I would like everyone to take note of the saxophone playing in the theme song. It really sets the mood for our favorite swedish chef. I forgot to mention the kind of music they play in the restaurant. Think, house music, mixed with midi trombones and baritone saxophones, which makes it kind of comical for my boyfriend and I. But hey, I like to think of it as expanding our musical horizons. :p

Overall, this has been one of my favorite spots for the past 5 years. Sookk is located on Broadway between West 102nd and 103rd st. Next time you’re on the upper west side, be sure check it out!